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Use of Blank Tiles in Scrabble

If you learn the way to use a blank tile in Scrabble, you can use it to get the high point, you can learn this by trying word tips from online Scrabble word finder also. A blank tile has no worth when playing Scrabble, but blank tiles give you an opportunity to play any type of words you wish to place on the board. For this reason, blank tiles are helpful in Scrabble. It can stand for any letter in the alphabet. Once played, although the blank tile is effectively like whatever letter it formerly represent. Therefore, if a player plays the blank tile as “Z” in “Q-U-A-R-T-Z”, in that case, if you play off quartz, you will have to build off the blank tile like it was another “z” on the board. Bear in mind that this tile pointless. Play All 7 Tiles

While playing the blank tiles, ensure to think of all possibilities to build longer words. If the blank tile is what you require to form a 7 letter word, in that case by all way take the chance to play off all your tiles at once. Remember, playing the entire tile at once earns you an additional +50 point. Put an S to a Big Word

One of the big hit in Scrabble is to attach “S” to a word that exists on the board. This works out for longer words and words with a high point. Remember, that the blank tile is pointless while playing off a word that exists already over a double or triple modifier space will not give the 2x or 3x points. Use a Blank Tile to Change Low-Value Letters Since you won’t have access to online Scrabble help or Scrabble cheat, it is better to play a blank tile as a 1-point letter or as a 10-point letter. In reality, if you have a few big point letters already on the board, try using the blank tile as an ordinary letter, in order to get you that big point.

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