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The official Scrabble dictionary, Collins Scrabble Words (CSW) is updated on a regular basis but the 2012 version (CSW12) has upwards of 115,000 words. It is nearly impossible to learn them all. But your chances of winning a game improve drastically if you manage to learn 20% of the total words. It is essential to constantly learn new word tips and seek all the help you can from Scrabble help websites to keep up with your opponents.


Small letter words are really important but bonus scores are the real deal in Scrabble. If you are not good at collecting a lot of bonus points in the game, you will never be able to outscore quality opponents. A well-planned bonus move might get you upwards of 50 points and put you out of your opponent’s reach in a game. Bonuses are a brilliant way to maximize your points from the low scoring tiles on the rack. Learning six, seven or eight letter words increases your chances of winning a game as your brain will see more solutions to the tiles on the rack and on the board.


Some other words worth learning are the four or five letter words with the words J, Q, X and Z in them. This helps you keep your rack fresh and ensures you are not stuck with a lot of difficult words. You can break these words into smaller brackets and try and go through them.

A true Scrabble player will always try and add more words to his vocabulary with the help of Scrabble word finder available online. An enhanced vocabulary of bigger words enables the player to take the benefit of a lot of bonus word scores and bonus letter scores, and attack the hot spots on the board with a simple move.

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